Security Office
15701 E 1st Avenue,  Suite 110
Aurora, CO  80011

24 hour dispatch: 303-367-3060
Fax: 303-326-1984

Gregory Cazzell - Director  303-365-7816 ext. 28449

Mitzi Torres - Assistant to Director  303-365-7816 ext. 28410

Important News & Resources Regarding COVID-19 ("Coronavirus")

With the heightened national and international media attention on COVID-19 ("coronavirus"), APS has compiled important news, information and resources on our COVID-19 Resources page. Stay up to date on the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control, Tri-County Health Department, and APS nurses and health staff.

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To endeavor to protect all property and people within the limits of the Aurora Public Schools property and other designated properties:

  • By the prevention of fire, disorderly conduct, vandalism and theft.
  • By promotion of safety, positive public relations, good will, discipline and respect for and   confidence in ourselves and others.
  • By enforcement of rules of conduct, rules of safety and school district policy and procedures.


  • The primary goal of the Security Department is to assist in providing a safe and secure environment for the education of our students/staff.
  • The District’s security operations provide the District with professional security services that are designed to create an atmosphere that is necessary for the orderly process of providing educational opportunities for our students.  The security operations provide the school’s staff an environment that is conducive to this educational process.
  • The District’s security operations provide for proactive prevention where through working with school administrators and staff, the security department can actively anticipate, recognize and appraise risks and take necessary action to remove or reduce them.
  • The District’s security operations use a wide variety of resources in the school district and community, and bring together these resources to solve problems in our schools.
  • We must always strive to live up to the highest societal and professional moral and ethical standards, and to always serve with integrity and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. 

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