Animals can be dangerous, even when they are pets.

Please be aware of the Aurora Public Schools' policy regarding animals in the classroom.

If unknown animals are on school property, do not approach them and keep students a safe distance from them.  Call Animal Control immediately at (303) 326-8280 or (303) 326-8288.  After hours emergencies (303) 627-3100.  Click here to visit the City of Aurora Animal Control Webpage.

Please note, that per district policy IMG, animals are not permitted in schools unless for educational purposes.  Pets should not be brought to the school/department for the convenience of the owner or for “fun.” Animals are unpredictable and even the most gentle animal can react in a stressful situation putting students and staff in danger.  Individual employees may be held liable if the animal injures a student or staff member and the policy regulations were not followed.

Below is a portion of policy IMG that describes when animals are allowed in school.  Please reference the policy or contact Risk Management (ext 28412) if you have any questions.

  1. A specific and appropriate educational purpose
  2. Effective protection of staff and students. The health effects from exposure to pet allergens, including triggering and/or aggravating asthmatic symptoms and allergic reactions, must be considered before bringing an animal into the classroom
  3. Provision of documentation that the animal is in good physical condition and vaccinated against transmittable diseases prior to the animal entering the school site
  4.  The teacher is responsible for the proper control of animals brought into the classroom for instructional purposes, including the effective protection of students. This includes keeping the animals in appropriate cages or containers. No animal will be allowed free range in any part of the school and/or school grounds
  5. When school is not in session, it is the responsibility of the site administrator to ensure animals left at the site have proper care. A copy of the “Animals in School” notification form (exhibit IMG-E) should be on file at the site, with a copy provided to Risk Management at ESC 1.