Volunteers and Chaperones in Aurora Public Schools

Honest, dependable and respectful volunteers are an essential part of the Aurora Public Schools team. Virtually every teacher in the elementary school now has the assistance of classroom volunteers, and there are many volunteers helping at the middle and high school levels as well.

Volunteers do so much more than assist in the classroom. They help in lunchrooms, libraries, and the school board office; teach after-school classes; perform exterior maintenance work; work with booster clubs and technology groups; offer economic donations, skills advisement and sharing; and contribute in countless other ways.  In the classroom, volunteers are considered important and valued members of our teaching teams, helping provide each child with a fair measure of time and attention.

To ensure that our volunteers enhance the safety, security, well-being and success of our students, The Security department is now registering all volunteers and providing them with ID badges. In addition, a background check is performed on each volunteer. If the volunteer is committing to only a one-time event, he or she will simply need to register at the front office of the school or site.

To register, volunteers will need to complete the following:

1. Volunteers need to complete a volunteer registration form, available in both English and Spanish.

2. All volunteers will need a Volunteer Approval Form (signed by the Principal or authorizing Administrator) from the school where they will be volunteering prior to coming to the Security department.  This form needs to be signed by the Principal and submitted to the Security Department by the school. Please note that the Security department will need to have this form before the volunteer process can begin, and this form cannot be hand delivered by the volunteer. Our preference is that you please fax it to 303-326-1984. 

The Security department is located at:

15701 E 1st Ave, Suite 109

Aurora, Co 80011

Coming from I-225 North:

-Exit 6th Ave and go east
-South on Centretech parkway
-At E 1st Ave (4 way stop) go west
-Our building is on the North side 

Coming from I-225 South:

-Exit Alameda and go east
-North on Chambers
-East on E 1st Ave
-Our building will be on the North side

View a map of  where the Security office is located.

3. Volunteers must visit the APS Security office to submit their registration form authorizing us to start the background check process. Please bring a current government issued photo ID and your volunteer registration form.

4. A picture will taken for the volunteer badge to be printed.


Once the background check has been cleared (it can take 1-6 days) the volunteer ID will be sent to the school for the volunteer to pick up. If the background check is not acceptable, the Security department will decline their offer to volunteer and notify the appropriate site. 

Even after receiving a volunteer badge, all volunteers must report to the front office at the school their child attends to sign in and for scheduling and assignment of duties. The volunteer will have an ID badge, to be worn at all times while on school property for volunteer purposes

All volunteer badges are issued from August 1 until the last day of school and are valid until July 31st and must be renewed each year. The school can contact Mitzi Torres in the Security office (303-365-7816, extension 28410) to confirm the volunteer's acceptance. .


The Security office is open for volunteer badges:

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m-4:00 p.m. 

(It would be ideal if you can call first to confirm someone will be available to assist you when you arrive.)

*Must be at least 18 to go through the volunteer process, and anyone who is 18 will need to get their background check from the police department*